10 Most Expensive Import Cars

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Aside from being a vehicle, the current import cars have also entered the realm of lifestyle. Import car usage could indicate a person's social class. That's why every car has a slogan that mention lifestyle. Such as "Performance with style", "An expression of Joy", etc. Application of a car as a lifestyle is mostly done by company cars overseas, especially Europe. In addition to prioritize performance, these cars are also in the design futristik as possible.

This makes people who take it will feel more confident. Therefore, the price is also a benchmark in choosing someone of prestige cars. Imagine if you use the car at a price of millions of dollars with classy design, who would not glance.

Here are 10 most expensive import an existing car in 2010, released by Forbes magazine

10. Import Car - SSC Ultimate Aero (740 thousand dollars)
Import car is issued by the company Shelby Supercar (SSC). The company is a specialist company that issued the cars at high speed. Just look at the maximum speed of these imported cars are up to 270 miles per hour. Another advantage of this two-door car is it has a temperature sensor and a tire that can adjust to road conditions bagiamanapun.

9. Car Import - Leblanc Mirabeau (765 thousand dollars)
Import car is sportcar French output. Form his car deliberately created as Formula One cars. Unfortunately, this car can only be used on a road that really smooth. With speeds of up to 370 miles per hour, allowing Leblanc Bandung to Jakarta to take only 30 minutes. Import gold-colored car was not mass produced, it will only be made if there is an order.

8. Import Cars - Koenigsegg CCX (1.1 million dollars)
Swedish import car output is only produced as many as 806 pieces. The surplus is in acceleration, to achieve a speed of 100 km / h, it only takes as long as 3.2 seconds. Koenigssegg name itself is taken from the owner of this car, Christian von Koenigsegg.

7. Import Cars - Koenigsegg CCXR (1.3 million dollars)
Import cars is another variant of CCX.Tapi Koenigsegg, CCXR more environmentally friendly than his brother. Gasoline that is used must also be gasoline biofuels (fuels made from environmentally friendly sugar and vegetable oil). Dominated by black metallic, and then given a slight accent below it, this car looks very elegant. He can reach speeds of 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds. In addition, the maximum speed of the car in is 250 miles / hour.

6. Import Cars - Maybach Landaulet (1.4 million dollars)
This is the most expensive car manufactured by the Germans. Sperti car "salon" the other, he does not give priority to speed. This design relies on imported cars that look and exclusive Lux. This is why the color of import cars are all white. In the back seat there is a small glass table to drink Champagne. Additionally, all white interior in it. Maximum speed of this car is only 155 miles / hour.

5. Import Car - Lamborghini Reventon (1.42 million dollars)
Import car design was inspired by fighter planes. That's why this car has a black matte and the front of the "pointy". Lamborghini Reventon is only produced as many as 20 in the world. The basic ingredients of this body is black aluminum rims.

Import Car - Lamborghini Reventon Roadter (1.56 million dollars)
If the Lamborghini Reventon is inspired by fighter planes, then the Lamborghini roadster inspired by the reconnaissance plane. At first glance it looks like a fast F-117 Nighthawk. Import cars can drive up to 340 kilometers / hour. Although it looks like a heavy, but actually import this car has a very light body. This is because it is made of carbon fiber.

Import Cars - Roadster Pagani Zonda Cinque (1.8 million dollars)
Around the world, this car is produced only 5 pieces. These cars use a lot of titanium and magnesium as basic materials. Chassis used by the Pagani Zonda senidri made of titanium.

Italian cars can reach speeds of up to 217 miles / per hour. This car is also very lightweight, but strong. Because bodynya made of carbon, and all the suspension is made of titaium and magnesium.

Import Cars - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport (2 million dollars)
Import car has 16 cylinders in the engine. So he has the speed reached 217 miles / hour. Besides, are amazing it has 21.7 Inch LCD glass.

Car Import - Koenigseeg Trivita (2.21 million dollars)
Most expensive car in the world is produced by Swedish and there are only three units in the world. This car combines several elements such as titanium, magnesium white diamonds and timber from the Swedish original. All merged into one in him. That is why this car is strong and shiny.

Trevita is discussed Sweden which means three white. Import cars can drive up to 400 kilometers / hour. Trevita have a better engine specifications of the CCXR.
Import Car in Surabaya

Center sales and maintenance of imported cars in the city of Surabaya is a project that engaged in the commercial. In this city, people are excited about the import cars. Construction of the center of import car sales and maintenance is intended to be a new facility for the import car lovers, especially in the city of Surabaya.

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and including the metropolis with an advanced economy. Community needs to be a means of transportation, such as cars, is very high. Therefore, some employers there mendajikan automotive field, in this case as a land car import business.

Coupled with the interest among top in Surabaya prefer investing in cars, including imported cars. In Surabaya, import car quite attractive and some upper class people have the latest import cars. That is, the latest import cars can also be found in Surabaya.

In Indonesia, the automotive world had begun to develop which is characterized by the emergence of various types of cars. In addition, government policy began to open up channels for the entry of imported cars in Indonesia, counts the opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop a car import business in Indonesia.

Efforts imported cars in Surabaya has not provided a complete facility for import cars. Most consumers these imported cars are upper middle class. Structuring car import car in the showroom often not addressed properly.

As a result, import car enthusiasts feel less comfortable when viewing and obtaining information about the products offered. The presence of car-care centers and import sales in Surabaya will assist the needs of its consumers get information, sales, pemliharaan, and other supporting facilities.

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