Hotel industry: Definition and Composition

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Definition of the hotel industry: Hotel industry is all forms of business relating to the provision of accommodation in lodging, food and drinks and various types of other services that are interconnected and form intended for the public service, both of which use the lodging facilities or who simply use the services or the production of certain of the hotel.

Types of hotels
To distinguish the types of hotel industry, there are some things to classify them. Among them are:

1. Based on its location
When you look at the location, the hotel industry is divided into:

- Hotels City or town
As the name implies, the hotel industry is also located in urban centers. There is a reason for guests to stay in a hotel like this. One is because a lot of business that required him to always stay in the downtown area.

- Residential hotel
If for the hotel industry this one is always in the suburbs but also easy to reach. Usually the perpetrators of the hotel industry has always pick a quiet place. For guests staying at this hotel often live in quite a long time, not a day or two days only and is not alone. And what often happens is, they come with their families.

- Hotel resort
If for the hotel industry on this one prefers to take the location in the mountains or the beach. Usually the customers are groups or individuals who want berisitrahat and spent her off in a quiet environment while enjoying the natural scenery around the hotel.

- Motel
Hotel industry takes this one location in the suburbs or the road leading towards the city to another. Consumers who come are mostly people who are traveling far and wanted to rest before continuing his journey back. So it is not surprising that the motel was always provide ample parking for cars or buses to accommodate visitors.

2. Based on the number of rooms
When counting the number of rooms, the hotel industry can be divided into three small rooms of the hotel's most lots totaling 28 rooms. Then the hotel medium, provided the number of rooms is between 29 to 299 inpatient rooms. While the big hotel (large) is to have a room with more than 300 rooms.

3. Based on the classification
Hotel industry can also be distinguished based on their classification. What is meant by the classification here is based on facilities owned by the hotel. Starting from the facility support such as for sports (swimming pool or gym), meeting rooms (there are widespread or confined only), inter jempur facilities, restaurants, and so forth. The classification is divided into five-star hotel is one, two and so on (up to five-star hotel).

In addition to five-star hotel, there are still hotel industry classification under the five-star hotel. Namely jasmine-class hotel. Jasmine-class hotel is also still have levels, namely jasmine one, two and three.

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